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Trackersack was built and designed for the waste management, Clinical Waste, facilities management and Cleaning sectors, our vision is simple. “If we can get your clients to put the right thing in the right bag this will then be recycled or disposed of sustainability and to the benefit of our planet, we offer you a granular data system not greenwashing”. The system is constantly developing and evolving, over the course of 2024 – 2025 we will be offering RFID technology allowing full transparency of the journey of your waste, and AI suggestions on how to improve your site’s waste management performance.

Why Use Trackersack?

We are the industry leaders in the UK for waste sack Tracking, our unique approach looks at making the system as quick and simple to use from an operator’s point of view.

We give your collection and enforcement teams the ability to create enforcement’s and communicate and educate clients directly to improve services. We present the data we gather in a simple and efficient way, and we are constantly improving and innovating.

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