Trackersack User Guide

Learn how to use the Trackersack website and mobile application.

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Downloadable Guide

Mobile App Screens Explained

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Allocating a Bag
  • Contaminated Bag Found
  • Overweight Bag Found
  • Weighing Bins and Standard Bags
  • Weighing Bins and Standard Bags Continued
  • Trackersack App Screens Explained
  • Homescreen Help Guide
  • Scan Barcode Instructions
  • Notifications screen
  • Add a tracking notification
  • Dispatch to next user
  • Collect bag from property
  • Report contaminated bag
  • Proceed confirmation screen
  • Report overweight bag
  • Proceed

Desktop Screens Explained

Reporting Functions

Organise a demo of Trackersack

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